Chocolate - Climate Change - And Chocolate as a Health Food

by Christine Selig

Climate Change and the Chocolate Deficit - If you don't already have enough reasons to care for the environment, work to end industrial practices that are destroying the planet and be part of creating the solutions for a sustainable healthy world - chocolate can give you another reason. It turns out that climate change and a fungal disease is resulting in a decline in chocolate production, and there is currently a global chocolate deficit, that according to the Washington Post's coverage, could reach 2 metric tons by 2030. 

Chocolate as a Health Food - Chocolate can be a healthy part of a diet. Chocolate contains antioxidant nutrients called flavonoids (also found in berries and other foods) that are very good for people (for instance, flavonoids reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke). The healthy way to eat chocolate is to eat cocoa powder with other healthy foods.

The Do's for Chocolate - Buy organic farm trade coca powder. The processing of coca powder is one of the processing processes that actually makes a food healthier. Dr. Fuhrman makes a good one that is tested for all kinds of things. 

The Don'ts for Chocolate - Don't get dutch processed cocoa - this process removes much of the flavonoids that are so good for you. (Although if that is the only kind you like - go ahead. It maintains some of the flavonoids). Also, don't have it with milk - dairy blocks the healthy effects of flavanoids. Obviously, you want to avoid all the fat and sugar that can come with chocolate and chocolate products, the sugar and fat in chocolate isn't good for you. For some people who struggle with food addictions, chocolate in any form can be an addiction, and any amount of cocoa in food can easily lead to over eating. If you are one of those people - cocoa powder may not be a good addition to your diet.

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