Yeah For POMI Tomatoes - Now Organic!!!

by Christine Selig

I was so excited when I went into my local coop grocery store, Rainbow Grocery  recently and was able to purchase Organic Chopped POMI Tomatoes.

I was so excited about this product that I personally thanked the POMI reps at the San Francisco Fancy Food Festival for creating boxed chopped organic tomatoes with no added salt or oil or added anything. POMI is a cooperative company based in Italy, and according to their US representative, Umberto, the coop was proven to be a resilient model during the 2008 economic crisis, which hit Italy hard. 

Why are POMI chopped tomatoes so great?

They taste great.

No BPA Lined Cans. Go here for more on why to avoid BPA. 

They are now organic.

They have no added salt or oil.

They are delicious (did I mention that already).

Whole chopped tomatoes are delicious and filled with healthy micronutrients. To learn more about the health benefits of tomatoes go here

What about the boxes or cartons the tomatoes come in????  Pomi tomatoes are packed in Sig cartons – go here for info about sustainability and Sig cartons.  Go here to learn about the program for recycling or composting Sig containers where you live.


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